5th JUNE 2020

A Day at Petaling Street

The date is 5th June 2020. It’s a weird time in my lifetime. It is a time when the world is going through the Covid-19 pandemic. Malaysia included. Many countries chose to lock down, and everyone was asked to stay at home. The initial stage of the pandemic, the government of Malaysia issued the Movement Control Order (MCO) on the 18th of March 2020 where we citizen were instructed to stay home during the course of the MCO.  Law was enforced during this period of time and people who were caught flaunting the MCO are fined.


The country started to heal. The virus spread was under the control hence the Condition Movement Control Order (CMCO) was introduced to ease Malaysian back to the new normal.


That’s when I walked out from the comfort of my own home, to document Petaling Street on this day. The premise was 7am to 7pm. I know Petaling Street all my life. It was the destination that my parents took me for Chinese New Year shopping when I was kid. I spent a good 2 years hanging out at Petaling Street because my college was at the old Hong Leong building. It’s where I played a lot of Counter Strikes. It was and still is never too far my heart.


I am photographing mundane. Meaning, just whatever Petaling Street is going to give me that day. How the street looks, who decides to show up, how they are dressed are all what it were of a day Petaling Street would be in a day.


These are the story of a day at Petaling Street. A story that will unfold in the times to come, to remind us of how we lived today. Just as how we love reminiscing through photos of our past, one day, I hope these captured moments will do the same for our children and our children’s children.